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Champions Of REal Excellence (CORE) UNITED is a group of men and women empowering one another to reach the peak of their potential. Men and women join the CORE UNITED to discover the power within themselves so they can champion a life of REal Excellence. Membership opens doors to a network that will enhance the success of their professional career, jump-start a new business, and further their reach and resources with an already established business. Becoming a CORE UNITED EMPOWERED Member will empower you and inspire others! Be a Champion of REal Excellence!

The CORE UNITED believe in the mastery of four CORE principles that embody whole-person development. Those Four CORE Principles are:

  • Christ
  • Family
  • Career
  • Legacy


I am a CORE Four Champion! Christ-Family-Career-Legacy

  1. My GOALS are divinely connected to the footsteps God has paved before me.
  2. My COMMITMENT to Real Excellence for God, my family and community is never-ending and unwavering.
  3. My PREPARATION is a CORE strength because it helps me successfully thrive in my career to edify others.
  4. My FOCUS helps me deposit positive seeds as a transformational leader in the space I occupy on this earth.

I am honored to be a CORE Four Champion!

We are The CORE, Champions Of Real Excellence!

Mission of The CORE:

The CORE is Champions Of Real Excellence. We connect, educate, and support people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The CORE inspires people from all walks of life and take great pride in meeting people where they are. We encourage our members to foster an intimate relationship with Christ, be a transformational leader, reach their full career potential and give back to their communities through business, philanthropy, mentorship, networking and volunteerism.

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Membership Includes:

The CORE EMPOWERED Member’s annual membership dues is $25 per year. Your annual membership dues will include an opportunity to join and attend a host of events, movements and activities throughout the year. If you are a gifted public speaker or business professional our Member’s portal will also provide access for you to promote and network with the CORE UNITED nationwide membership team.

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