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Here is a question we all should ask and be required to answer, Would you prefer restitution or unquestionable equity moving forward?

CORE United is a venturesome act focused on creating pathways to generational freedom for Blacks, founded and initiated by Blacks, for the betterment of humanity. It’s a collaboration with allied leaders who are fervent, solution based and unwaveringly action driven.

This is a synergistic pathway to the privileges and access to opportunities we all rightfully deserve. We foster a shared responsibility with businesses consciously advocating for equality. Advancing equal justice, fair treatment, and equitable opportunity for all people is true humanity and the work of our world.

CORE United is a members-only multi-level business network that is socially aware of the daily challenges Black-owned businesses encounter in the marketplace, well informed about how financial literacy impacts economic freedom and cognizant of the disparities that Blacks experience with educational advancements.

We are committed to resolutions that will repurpose the Black dollar, decrease the racial wealth gap, and philanthropically provide financial gateways to higher education for Black students excelling academically and additional resources for those economically challenged.

This Strategic Alliance Network is a lifestyle created for champions, by champions, so we all can be Champions Of Real Excellence.

Join CORE United today and save big on everything from basic necessities, to desired luxuries and gain access to a whole lot more. Become a part of a team that is sowing seeds and growing trees for the sake of humanity.

As a valued CORE United Member you will receive the following:

  • CORE BlackCard
  • Cash back discounts from corporate partners
  • Direct access to patronize Black Owned Business
  • Access to a Network of Members
  • Invitation to the Annual CORE Fest
  • Invitation to the Annual Sowing Seeds Women’s Breakfast
  • Invitation to the Annual Black Tree Men’s Breakfast
  • Career Development Seminars
  • 1-Year Subscription to CORE Magazine

It’s time to level the playing field!