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Start your week with the CORE Weekly Call-In PRAYER TEAM

What if you could make God’s voice the one you listened to most. The CORE never stops exploring new ways to help people engage more with God’s inspired Word. The CORE Prayer TEAM Call-In will connect you directly with a network of prayer warriors and enhance your spiritual growth. Join us every Monday morning for 20 minutes of spiritual enrichment.

We’d love to help you.

Join us every Monday morning (7:00am-7:20am EST), we’ll share Spiritual Messages that you can use right away to grow in your relationship with God. By the time this year ends, you’ll be encouraged, empowered, engaged and transformed by the teaching of the greatest resource known to mankind, the Bible.

Join the CORE Prayer TEAM today!

Having an appointment with God’s Word gives us devoted time to feed our spiritual soul. Reading God’s Word, Listening to God’s Word and Sharing God’s Word with others will impact your life immensely. Planned time with God is a proven way you get the Bible into the flow of your everyday life. Join and become apart of a transformational Prayer TEAM and strengthen your connectivity to God.

Invite a friend. Enjoy your growth with Friends.

What do you talk about with friends? Entertainment? Sports? Retail? Rediscover meaningful conversation by sharing experiences around God’s Word. You already joined the CORE Prayer TEAM. Today, invite a friend (or several!) to join you. As you explore one another’s perspectives, you’ll discover things in God’s Word that you might not have noticed on your own. The CORE Prayer TEAM is better with Friends!

Men’s Call-In Participate Instructions:

1. Call your Dial-In Number: 515-739-1219

2. Enter your Access Code: 870914

Women’s Call-In Participate Instructions:

1. Call your Dial-In Number: 515-604-9392

2. Enter your Access Code: 182469

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